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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Imagine a Woman in Love With Herself

Imagine a woman stretching, curving her body,

twisting her back, arching outward,

awake but not quite ready to meet the morning.

Imagine a woman caressing her thighs, hands gliding up,

fingers inching slowly towards the middle.

A woman reaching to cup her now heavy breasts,

rubbing the palm of her hand against the soft tip,

using the pad of her finger to coach her nipple to hardness.

A woman reaching between, rubbing her fingers against the warm folds,

parting her lips and sliding upwards.

Tentative, slow and then deep,

a woman drawn in by the call of her own body.

Imagine a woman deep in memory,

fingers wet with her wanting, body tight and yearning,

wanting more, then tumbling over the edge.

Imagine a woman.
A woman who delights in pleasuring herself.
A woman in love with her own body.

Are you?


Playfully Yours said...

Oh I love myself, too. This would be why I am on here so early and should be in bed. That need/urge had to be filled.

ladylyf said...

Do i love myself? Is rain WET???!!! I love myself so much, if the guy cannot get my juices flowing, i kick him out and settle down with my Vibrator or fingers or both. Sometimes, even if the guy is DAMN good, i still join in with my touch. As i always say - You can never have too many orgasms!
Love your site.

Kimberly said...

Yes. Yes yes yes. Great post!