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Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby You’re My Everything You're All I Ever Wanted

Whenever I hear this song it brings back such fond memories …

I was 12 years old feeling young and free at my summer day program. I was one of the lucky few that developed mad body early on. I like to credit my bubbly personality for my popularity but I’m sure my 32 C’s were a nice accessory. We were at the park chillin' doing what preteens do and Gabby came up to me.

“Hey Bliss,” she said with her crooked smile.

Even back then I knew I liked my girlfriends more than I should, and Ms. Gabby was surely at the top of my list. She was tall for 13 with café colored skin, silky jet-black hair that she always wore in four big ponytails. A crooked full toothed smile and a slender but lightly curvy shape. Her full lips were always covered in a peach gloss. Homegirl was cute and sexy (in a teenybopper way) and I wanted some.

“Wassup Gabby, you going to the talent show tonight?” I asked trying to put my mack down.

“Yeah my mama said I could stay,” she replied with lowered eyes.

It was in that moment I discovered a few things about women. First, I learned seduction was a skill women are born with. I didn’t understand it until then, but this little woman was putting the moves on me; sucking me into her peach flavored web long before I could appreciate what was going on. Her soft skin fragrant with the scent of summer, she was always laughing and wanting to be around me; and I’m almost certain she felt me up a time or two.

Second, young girls, teenagers, are simply nasty. Mommas and Daddies lock up your little girls and throw away the key! We develop before boys, we have a higher level of curiosity and we are sneaky and will try anything at that age. Watch out!

I had a dick it would’ve been rock hard. Gabby and I were around a bunch of other kids and I’m certain the peanut gallery, young and inexperienced as they were, could sense the sexual attraction. We'd been having a similar exchange at least twice a day. Since the camp was almost over I figured now was a good time to make my young pimp move.

With the courage of a 1000 men inside me I asked, “If I save you a seat you gonna sit next to me?”

My heart was pumping as I watched her being to play with the clip at the end of her braid. She started kicking the sand around her feet and licking those peach flavored lips I so wanted to taste.

“Well, maybe, I gotta see what Derrick is doing,” she replied with a grin and then ran off.

Did I fail to mention Derrick was her boyfriend? Yes a dick is always running interference with my pimp game. My little heart was crushed, but something told me 'today is the end of me and Gabby’s game of cat and mouse'.

We all filed into the auditorium. I chose a seat towards the back of the room on the aisle. I put my jacket in the chair next to me just in case and my camp counselor sat in the seat next to it. The lights were dimmed as the MC took to the stage to begin the show. I was pissed cause clearly Gabby wasn’t coming and my plan for sexual seduction was a no go. Just as I resigned to moping for the rest of the show the faint smell of peach scented lipgloss started to tickle my nose.

No words were exchanged; she just moved my jacket and sat down next to me. She spread my jacket across our laps and I felt her warm hand caress my knee. I didn’t want to loose my cool so I kept my eyes on the stage. Her hand slowly crept up my thigh and her soft touch transformed into a firm grip as she played with my pussy through my shorts. Me being the freak I am, I eased back into the chair and allowed my legs to spread open for easy access. Remember, my counselor was just two seats away, my dream girl is playing with my pussy for the first time and I was leaning into it grinding on her hand in a packed auditorium. We both had our faces pointed towards the stage.

“You wanna go to the bathroom,” she whispered real breathy into my ear?

I was enjoying the experience but it clearly wasn’t enough for Gabby.

I adjusted myself dropped the jacket in her chair and followed her to the bathroom. As the door to the hallway closed I see Derrick craning his neck at us curiosity written all over his face. When we entered the bathroom and got to the stall she pushed me against the door and kissed me something crazy.

I had kissed a few people before this moment but there was something electric about this exchange. As Gabby forced her tongue into my mouth and explored my body with her tiny hands, I lost all control and surrendered. Not to be outdone, within moment I'd pushed her off of me and demanded she disrobe.

I had never sex before, but I’d seen lots of porn and read sex magazines so I had an understanding of what was supposed to happen. Her body didn’t look as I expected, nothing like those girls in the movies but I was still very attracted and drawn to her. I put my hand between her legs and I remember it being wet and not understanding why. She saw the look of bewilderment on my face and explained she was just excited and it wasn’t pee. Gabby officially turned me out in that stall with heavy kissing, light petting and slow grinding.

Looking back on it now, I realize that this was the moment I lost my virginity and fully discovered my love for women.

Who was the best you ever had?

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Topaz said...

Oh. Wow.
I don't know what it is, Girls were much more inhibited growing up where I am. Some people switched schools if people found out you gave oral... lucky you!