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Friday, July 24, 2009

The secrets of my Glow

I love myself so much. I truly do. I love my ample breasts (DDs), gentle curves, and wicked lips. I also have an addictive laugh and warm heart. Yet, no one can resist my physical beauty. This love grew slowly in my adolescence years. As my body blossomed it shifted from awkwardness to greatness. It grew greatly during my late teens and earlier twenties. I found many players willing to play within my queendom; yet few were able to keep unlimited passes to visit. All of my lovers were great but they never match the love I have for myself.

To embrace the great love of my body, I begin the day with a “hand glow”. The “hand glow” is my gift to my body. It gives me energy for the day and peace at night. Ironically, it is my daily vitamin for sexual power and aggressiveness. This magic drug is so blissful. See, as my mind enters the new day, my soft hands move to my lower lips. My fingers run along the ridges and valleys. My forefinger enters into a warm opening. As I enter, I use my other fingers to explore the curves within my “honey pot”. I slowly take these fingers back, forward, back, and forward. The rhythm is sometimes fast and sometimes slow. When I move fast, my body becomes so warm. Oh, it’s getting’ hot in here. During my slow grinds, I release a soft moan.

Hummmmmmm……Ah…………Uhh….OOOOO…Within a few minutes or several, my sweet lower lips part to release a steady stream of sweet juice. My body quivers; moans intensify. Oh, my body is warm and satisfied. My day begins with the “hand glow”.

Should I add some toys or people to my morning routine? Do you want to join me?


Dewey's System said...

That's a great attitude. I often hear exactly the opposite from most women. Maybe 99% say they do not love their bodies, or have any confidence about how they look. I'm not talking about bad looking women, I'm talking about really hot women.
Your gift, the hand glow, that you give to yourself should be shared with the world. Ladies, all at once, reach down and move your fingers along your lower lips. Ahhh. Perfect. Let's do that again. Can I watch this time though? Mind pulling the sheets down so I can see.

ChocDrop said...

I feel the same way about my body, but I don't get to start the day with hand glow. Sometimes it is shower-head glow!!!

BlueEyes69 said...

I'm starting to love you, too, especially your self description. Hot, hot hot!!!

Sexy PTA Mom said...

What a wonderful attitude! And completely refreshing! I'm going to try to adopt it myself. :)