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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fallen off Track

On my way to the office and listening to some old school music. At this moment B5's "All I Do" remix of the Jackson 5 original. I love this song because it makes me think about how much my partner loves me. However, the song is making me feel guilty about my recent treatment of my partner. I have a lot going on including relaunching a business and working on some Industry Certification. As I said in my last TMI post, by practice money comes first so intimacy and sex have been given a back seat. When I get home at night, I have just enough time to jump in bed and grab a few hours before waking up too early and repeating the long day cycle.

I realize that my recent behavior is not relationship kosher and quite honestly, if my partner stepped out on me, I couldn't fault him 100%. The reality is people need love attention and if their primary partner doesn't give it to them eventually, it will be sought outside of the relationship. To avoid this and to show that I still love and appreciate him, I'm planning something fun. I'm thinking of a romantic weekend at Ceasar's Pocono resorts or a VA Beach getaway. Doing something this weekend would be great but the last minute July 4 weekend rates are CRAZY. I may just plan a nice local NYC weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Ever fell off track with your partner? Howdya catchup?

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