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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TMI Tuesday # 197 Non Sexual Edition

1. The three words that best describe you are ____, ____, and ____.
Organized, Straightforward, Sexy

2. The three words that best describe your life are ____, ____, and ____.
Hectic, Exhilarating, Unfolding

3. Your three guilty pleasures are ____, ____, and ____.
Eating, Sleeping, Fucking

4. The three places you would like to visit before you die are ____, ____, and ____.
Italy, Madagascar, Figi

5. The three things you would like to do before you die are ____, ____, and ____.
Go to cooking school (just for fun), own my own business, retire early

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Anything you want to share that's not any of our damn business?


db said...

Organized and sexy. I like it. Fiji, by the way is amazing. For about 20 dollars US a night, you can get a 3 star detached hut/room that comes with all the extras, and generally a person that not only takes care of the room, but will cook for you, if you provide the materials for them to cook.

Amazing place, once you get past the price of airfare....

HAppy Tuesday.

Gray said...

I've always wanted to go to cooking school! Just a few more years and I'm on my way! Loved the TMI answers. :)

Sexy PTA Mom said...

Love the word "unfolding" to describe your life. That is just wonderful!