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Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm in Lust with a Stripper

My partner and I have been together (exclusively and not so exclusively) for over ten years. In the last two years our relationship has become polyamorous. Polyamory is a tricky term that means a lot of things to a lot of people, but for us it means that we're in a committed relationship. We are each others primary/life partner and we "date" people outside of our relationship who may be secondary or tertiary others for one or both of us. These people aren't strangers but participate in our lives in various ways, not only sexually. Although we do swing on occasion if the right opportunity presents itself I wouldn't describe us as swingers.

My partner and I first met T almost a year ago. We are fans of strip clubs and end most of our nights out at one of the many local clubs before we hit the sack. The extremely small and very hood club close to our house is a favorite, because of it's proximity to home and the high quality/volume of music.

I tend to have entire conversations with strippers during lap dances, and in the process of stuffing dollar bills down her bustier T and I got into a conversation about swinging. We added her number to my partners phone, and although the intent was for her to meet us at our house after the club closed, it didn't happen. To answer your budding question, no I am not opposed to tipping a stripper to come home with us after a long night, and that was squarely my intention that night. Tragically even the best laid plans can go awry. Some cell phone hits and misses ruined that plan. Over the course of next several months, T would randomly text us to inquire how we were doing. We'd text back but we never called her as she always seemed to text when our budget would not allow for the type of fun and games that I was interested in. Far be it from me to have considered she just wanted to spend time with us, no money involved. It turns out though, that was exactly the case.

Last October we happened to be at her club yet again (no shock there), in the middle of a particular long night/morning (no shock there either). She was there but not working and positioned herself on my lap for the good part of two hours, muttering sweet and dirty nothings into my ear. I could barely think beyond finding a way to get her to our bedroom and so when she suggested we hit another strip club after the one we were at closed I was more than game. I won't go into the details of what happened next here, but a series of mishaps (including a car accident) prevented the night from culminating as I intended yet again. By the time the night ended at Denny's, I was not only attracted to T, but I actually had begun to dig her personality. We exchanged numbers and a series of texts, AIMs and eventually dates ensued.

Fast forward to January, and I've become increasingly preoccupied with giving her head. I'm day dreaming about it, thinking about it constantly, wetting my panties at work over texts about it. I want her so BAD my clit starts to throb everytime I see her number on my caller ID. I am talking dirtier on the phone than I ever have to any girl in the recent or distant past. I am waking up during the night in hot sweats following steaming dreams. Every time I see her at work, all I can think about is having her legs wrapped around my head and her body writhing under mine. I literally can't think of anything other than putting my mouth on T's sweet juicy pussy and to say this preoccupation was distracting would be more than an understatement. I become a woman on a mission! When I finally reached my limit, I was over at her house, supposedly watching some C movie with Katt Williams called Internet Dating (I so don't recommend it). She was laying on her bed in skimpy lace undies and a tank top, ass up, with one of her legs draped over mine. If I had a dick I would have had "blue balls".

I start to kiss her neck, and whisper in her ear that I'm hungry and I really want to taste her. She gives a deep throaty laugh and moves my hand to the round curve of her ass. I don't need any more encouragement than that. At this point as much I would like to take it slow, and finesse the moment, my patience is worn thin. I flip her over, quickly shimmy her underwear down her hips, pull her tank top over her head and lay my body partially over hers (yes fully clothed). I kiss her lips lightly and reach down to touch and stroke her. She's wetter than I expected and I smile. She's looking at me, and slowly licks her lips. I lower my head and as my fingers continue to tease her clit, I suck one fat chocolate nipple into my mouth. I hear a sharp intake of breath and she begins to roll her hips under my hand. I shift to take the other nipple into to my mouth and when I graze my teeth across it she responds by whispering something too low for me to hear under her breath. 'Hmmmmm?' I ask her. 'Please', she says, 'now'. I'm not wanting to change focus. I was really enjoying suckling her, so I keep at it, savoring the sounds of her building climax and playing with her nipples until they are both tight and puckered. She starts whimpering..."Please baby, please...I can't...". I decide to be nice and not force her to ask again (it seems like poor bedroom etiquette for our "first time") and I shift my body off the bed, grabbing her under her thighs and pulling her down to the edge of the mattress. I spread her legs wide, use my thumb and index finger to pull her lips apart and begin to run my tongue around the edge of her clit. By this point T's body is trembling and I am so giddy at finally getting to taste her that I eat her pussy like I'm starving and she's my lunch buffet. When her soft moans build into a deep groan and her legs lock round my head as she orgasms, I know it was worth the wait.

Has a girl ever made you dripping wet with a single look from under her heavy lashes?


Pink Vixxxen said...

Um, I'll be back...

ErikaStarr said...

I don't know where to begin commenting so lemme just answer the question - NO, unfortunately not!

Damn - it's early and I have too much on my to-do list to be so turned on. I better sign off. LOL.

Haute Chocolat said...

OMG...Sooooo WHICH club are we going to tonight?? And I'll have to get back to you on that one as well...I am in bed with a wet pussy and hard dick laying next to me. Would be so nice to have a wet pussy laying next to me at this point but hey I'll take what I can get. I LOVE vacation days!

Mistress Bliss said...

You know what Sheba, you have inspired me to be nasty today. I loved it and the fact I have visuals to boot really helps my self-love session this afternoon thanks again!!