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Thursday, March 19, 2009

She’s My Kryptonite

“But Bliss what’s the problem,” was her usual retort to my screw-faced expression. Then I smile to the familiar question then she tilts my head down, bats her mascara extended laces, and closes our exchange with a crooked full-lipped smile. Although we’ve engaged in this exchange more than a hundred times it still gets me each time. This chick is my kryptonite.

Like most Saturday nights in Philly everyone was gearing up to head to Palmer’s Night Club. The local hip-hop station broadcast’s live from the three story converted night club and the line was guaranteed to be wrapped around the building filled with eager niggas and bitches looking to get their slow grind on in the club. Ms. Krypto and myself were no different and we waited in line with the masses in our hot mama dresses and fuck me pumps flirting with all the sexy people around us. The attention we attract when we head out together was always a turn on and something I grew to accept and love in our relationship. Knowing my mate was desired by all that caught a whiff of her sweet signature scent was enough to make my panties wet.

So we head inside, do coat check and make a B-line to the bar. I get us some drinks and we post up in a secluded corner on the second floor.

“So Bliss you feeling freaky,” her crooked full-lipped smile whispered in my ear as trails of hypnotic tickled my nose.

Trying to be strong and keep our playful cat and mouse game going I casually respond, “No not really I’m trying to get into my drink first and peep the scene.”

I guess that was the wrong answer cause Ms. Krypto had other plans for our evening. She sashayed from our private corner and started to walk towards the center of the dance floor. Her compact 5” frame was really killing it. With each step her booty seemed to tremble for five seconds after and I was sucked into the soft sway of her full hips.

Her joint Jacki-O’s Damn was blasting from the speakers and the DJ mixed in right at her favorite part; Damn that Bitch is fine, Damn that Bitch is fine, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, …… and needless to say her ass was flopping. Her dress started to ride her hips and with every other Jackie she was bent over a little more and rotating her hips a little harder and it could’ve been the light but I’m sure I caught a peek of her jewel encrusted boy-shorts. Her eyes were closed and she started rubbing her manicured nails along the length of her torso and I couldn’t help but put my misbehaving clit in a chokehold by squeezing my thighs together. As I was approaching her on the dance floor a tall dark and handsome brother beat me to the punch and I decided to resume my position in the corner and enjoy the show.

Ms. Krypto knew I enjoyed voyeurism and she didn’t disappoint. She did a quick two- step allowing her to face me front and on all the while, her unknowing dance partner tired to keep up with her groove. Like the vixen she is, she pierced her lips and seductively opened her eyes and stared me down as she performed her sensual dance.

I leaned deeper into the shadows and started to massage my nipples. They were busting through the fabric of my slinky dress and I couldn’t tease them any longer. In the moment I took my eyes off of her, Ms. Krypto and her partner were making there way too my corner and I think a Ms. Krypto sandwich was on the menu…
To Be Continued Erika Starr

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ErikaStarr said...

You are KILLING me. Please tell me NOW what happened. My imagination is going wild! LOL