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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's Done In the Dark ... Better Stay There

Continued from "She's my Kryptonite"

Her crooked-lipped smile was home to an even more menacing giggle. When the giggle escaped to my ears, her lips chased behind and landed at the base of my neck. At 5’4” and in 5-inch heels I towered over her just like I liked it. “You still just wanna finish your drink,” she teased; I tossed my half drunken cocktail in the over following bin to the left, and used a lock of her following tresses to close the gap between us. She was a glutton for rough play and her widening grin was an indication she was enjoying herself. “Nope I’m done with the drunk and now I wanna taste of you,” I coolly replied in my best big poppa voice.

I could taste the sweet fusion of alcohol, lip gloss, and lust long before I kissed her. With each passing second our kiss got more intense and the sights and sounds of our surroundings seemed to fade away. As her smooth tongue danced in my mouth, I sucked harder and deeper on her full bottom lip. All I could hear was the slapping sound our mouths made and her feverous whimpers of enjoyment.

With her tresses still wrapped around my finger I pulled her head back deepening the kiss and my left hand made its way to her full round butt. I used my strength to force her closer to my body and I enjoyed the friction of my pussy brushing her stomach; she bit down on my lip signifying she also found pleasure in the foreplay. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Handsome hungrily relishing in our exchange, waiting for an opening but not daring to approach.

Ms. Krypto used her free hands to loosen the ties on my dress and exposed my full throbbing breast. This type of exhibition was something I would never do but I was too lost in the moment to care. I allowed her to taunt the peaks of nipples and I abruptly broke our kiss to force her juicy mouth to my now erect nipple. She began with my most favorite torture a firm suck enveloping the full nipple followed by a cavernous bite sending jolts of pain and pleasure shooting all through my body.

I kid you not, I came right the fuck there in the club! My pussy exploded like Mt. Saint Helen and the fiery lava was following right down my trembling thighs and pooling at my feet. I let out a soft moan and tossed my head back allowing the feeling to take hold of my body. I rode the wave. My baby used her finger to catch a few drippings of my juices and gave her finger a nice NASTY suck. Once I opened my eyes and regained my senses I was totally surprised at what I allowed to go down. She saw my discomfort and when I looked up Mr. Handsome he still had his hand over his mouth and his body language screamed “Shock”!

I didn’t bother going to the bathroom to clean up, Ms. Krypto took my hand and lead me out the club and back to my car. Soon after this freaky exchange she and I broke up and I moved my ass to Florida. Palmers will forever hold a special please in my heart and I secretly can’t wait to go back and see if I made a stain on the rug. Lmao!

Do you have a sex location that you will always hold dear?


ErikaStarr said...

hmmm...define "dear" the top, I can remember the back seat of multiple cars, the mall, the parking lot, the chapel, public bathroom, movie theatre, roof of an apartment building...I guess a lot of places are "dear" to me. LOL

Sheba said...

lake? check! parking lot of Omega Diner in NJ? check! side of NY POWMIA? check! idyllic glade on a sunny spring afternoon? check! Seems I too have a long list :-)