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Monday, March 30, 2009

When Love Is the Problem

So I’m going through a real bonafide break up. I’m getting through the hurt of losing a love and evaluating the mistakes I made. I miss her dearly and we are actually becoming good friends but now we are going into week two and I’m over this friend shit.

We decided that “space” and “building a foundation of friendship” is important to our future success but I’m becoming a true believer that this friends with your ex nonsense is for the birds! I enjoy the light flirting, easy conversation and no strings but we have a BIG part missing and now I don’t wanna be friends.

To put it mildly I’M HORNY AS HELL. I consider myself a sex kitten but for the past week I’ve been feeling like a fuckin’ cougar. My Pom Pom is jumpin’ and I have no local back ups to tame the tiger. This fire in my loins has me seeing double and stepping outside of myself. I’m not one for casual sex or random hook ups, but as sure as the sky is blue my ass was on Craigslist searching the NSA’

I think she put a spell on my pussy. She just got my pearl trained and my pussy is not responding to my touch anymore. I’ve masturbated, pulled out the toys, and watched the kinkiest porn; NOTHING. I put in a call to my nastiest phone sex buddy had an off the chain session and NOTHING. In a true quagmire, I humbled myself called my ex turned BFF for a tune up and she hit me with the, “sex will complicate our friendship” and she loves me too much to just have sex. I was ready to punch her.

Truth is I don’t want to sleep with anyone else and the one I want is feeding me some true bullshit. I totally agree with her points but I need affection, intimacy and a good fuck right now. I’m starting to understand why people stay around in jacked up relationships because of how “he lays the D”. I now know how people become serial daters.

I don’t want to go down a slippery slope or make a rash decision cause I want to be laid, but I’m prepared to fly in my old faithful so she can eat the box!!

What’s a horny girl to do?

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Sheba said...

Being "friends" with an ex almost never works. I feel as though there is always sexual tension in the air and one or both parties often wants something the other can't fully provide. It's a tightrope walk. Good luck! I wanna know when you get your nut!