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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Police Suspect

Smooth and I had been friends for quite some time. We met through a mutual male friend and our first introduction was at Atlantic Mall, followed by a long walk to his condo in Brooklyn Heights. Our mutual friend was not lying - the view from his condo was panty-dropping. When I first heard him say that phrase, I was somewhat offended. I quickly wondered if our meeting and subsequent trek to the condo was a setup. The only thing dropping from me if they pushed me too hard would be some cuss words. Turns out there was no ill intent, it was just harmless guy talk so I played along trying to be cool and jovial instead of a stereotypically sensitive female. Smooth and I talked a great deal and realized we had a lot in common. At the time I was still in school and getting my business off the ground. He was an experienced business man, running a side business of his own and capitalizing on his eleven year experience at Lehman Brothers. We exchanged contact info and he later became a mentor-of-sorts.

As time past, I grew to have feelings for Smooth. Why wouldn't I!?! He was intelligent, funny, respectful, genuine, older and sexy as all hell. Unfortunately he thought of me as a little sister and was content to help me advance to the next level of my career. Little did he know that the main level I wanted to advance to was the one in his bed. He needed to stop seeing me as a little sister. His thoughts and actions towards me were too damn wholesome for my liking. If he insisted on thinking of me as a little sister and not a sexual creature then I was going to have to insist that we commit incest. It was time to put a plan in action to show him that I was an in-the-closet freak.

As luck would have it, one weekend neither of us had definite plans so we decided to hookup on Saturday night. The hookup was nothing to get excited about because we often met for lunch or dinner or just hung out as his place. However, I knew that this Saturday would be different. I had to help momdukes with a few things and I was running late so I cabbed it to Smooth’s place. As the elevator rose so did the butterflies in my stomach. "Chill Erika," I told myself. "Relax. You've been here a million times.” I couldn't chill because I knew what I had in store for him. "DING." The elevator announced that I had arrived at the 23rd floor and the doors opened. I rang his doorbell and he opened immediately. "Hey Smooth" I said kissing him on the cheek and embracing him a bit too tightly for the level of our relationship. He seemed a bit taken back but went with the flow. He ushered me in and I sashayed to the couch. Now I mean sashaying, hips moving like I was batting baseballs.

We chit chatted and then he asked if I wanted to order in or go out to eat. That was an easy choice - order in because otherwise we'd have to walk two blocks to the parking lot but more importantly I wanted him all to myself. As he went through the hundreds of menus in his packet, I was thinking that only thing I wanted to eat was him, the only thing I want to lick was the taste of me off of him, the only sauce I wanted was his white sauce. For dessert - his ass. I knew I had to bide my time so I settled for steamed chicken and broccoli, sauce on the side and two bottles of water. The food arrived and we ate in front of the TV. After finishing, I lay curled up next to him, partially in his lap not paying attention to whatever the hell was on. I began to rub my face on his chest and my hand on his leg. He ignored me for a bit and then stretched his arm over so he could rub my back. His hand slipped under my shirt and I purred. Before I knew it, I was pinned under him and we were exchanging kisses - at first slow and unfamiliar. Then deep and passionate. Uncontrollably my vagina pushed up to meet his groin. Soon we were engaged in full-on grinding. I lifted his tee above his head to expose his ripped chest and he began to unbutton my shirt. He groaned as the bra of my red Frederick's of Hollywood matching bra and panty set was revealed. He fumbled for the universal remote, flipped the TV off and the radio on almost simultaneously. I knew it was going to be a great night.

As he stretched to completely take off his tee, I grabbed his waist and leaned up to kiss his chest, running my lips are far down and from side to side as they could reach. On my second trip, I paused to suckle his nipple. He pushed me down with the weight of his body and began to trace my nipple with his tongue from outside my bra. He lifted up by bra so that both boobs plopped out and kissed every inch of them as well as my chest and stomach. When he ventured lower I gasped and panted, “I want you." In anticipation, I unbuttoned my pants and attempted to wriggle out of them. He was very helpful and pulled them off along with my panties.

He stood up, reached for my arms to help me up and said “let's go inside.” As I followed him, I took off my bra and flung it in the direction of the living room. He sat on the edge of the bed and I stood trembling in front of him. I placed my hands on his shoulders and kissed the top of his head. In turn, he kissed my chest and spread my cheeks. I moaned into his ear and began kissing his neck. He threw me onto the bed, spread my legs with his elbows, parted my lips, and tasted my sweetness. I drowned him in my juices as his mouth connected with my center again and again. It was too much, I was desperately trying to wiggle away but no avail. Finally I shoved him as hard as I could and practically jumped out of bed to take refuse near the terrace. I wasn’t safe for long. He jumped out after me, pressed my hands against the glass doors in the position of a police suspect and he took me.

To be continued…

Have you ever slept with a friend?


Mistress Bliss said...

See you play too much. Why everything has "to be continued" well I'm ready for some continuation damn it. You can't leave us all hanging. You know our minds are too overactive for that..lmao. I've fallen in and out of the dating your friends trap on many occasions its all too much... Never again for me.

ErikaStarr said...

I'm reading this for the first time. Ok I'm sorry. I know how you feel.

Your post was hot? What happened after they walked over to you in the club?? Give us (ME) the inside scoop!

Btw Haute Chocolat started it with "Exotic Affairs." I'm still waiting for the end of that story - "Coming down. Catch me." That was HOT.

The Fury said...

Oh damn! To Be continued?? I agree with got me all hard and now you stop? You play too much...lemme go see if you finished this...