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Monday, March 23, 2009

Assume the Position

He took me hard. He penetrated me from the back and pumped with energy I would never have imagined. I could have sworn I felt him in my stomach. With my hands and arms pressed on the glass like a prisoner, I was his. I was willing to do every AND anything. As he pumped, my breasts became one with the glass. It seemed like I was trying to make a mold. I found myself shivering even though it was not cold, the glass doors weren’t cold, nor was the night air. The chills were of a sexual nature. I was excited and looking forward to what would come next. After a few minutes of howling like a hyena, I slunk to the floor for refuge. But there was no rest for the weiry – Smooth was right behind me. Literally. He positioned me in doggystyle and went to work. The new position revived me and I began to buck back against him. If I thought I felt his dick in my stomach before, well, now I was feeling it in my throat. How could so much pain bring so much pleasure!?! I knew that I would need to take an in ice bath the next day to reduce the swelling but in the mean time I was gonna go for the gold. I pushed up completely so he was in sort of a squat position and I was over him. I’m sure an onlooker would have described it as a hula hoop exercise. I rode him with a vengeance, creating my own unique hula hoop sequence. 3 on the right, 6 on the left, 6 on the right, 3 on the left…..Remember Hula Hoop from Sommore, Queens of Comedy (Fast forward to 7:45.)

Grizzly moans were escaping from his open mouth. Just as I thought my thighs would give out, he yelled that he was going to come – I pulled off and engulfed his penis in my mouth as far as it would go. Smooth trickled down my throat quite smoothly indeed…

Working on these last two posts really got me thinking about Smooth. I wanted to reminisce about our night together and I was curious to find out how he remembered that night. As tempted as I was to send him an excerpt of the KC post, I refrained because in this day and age you can’t afford to have things in writing. Especially not a secret rendezvous. Besides, I prefered for him to continue thinking of me in a wholesome way vs. a HOsome way. Make sense?? Anyway, I settled on sending him a friendly message on Facebook.

Me: Hey Smooth. How are ya?
Him: I’m good Erika. How are you? How’s the fam?
Me: Happy to hear that! The fam is good...So, any plans this weekend?

We’ll see how this one turns out….

Ever knew you should leave well enough alone but just couldn't?


The Fury said...

Always! I try to leave well enough alone, but...dammit, it;s too damn hard. hot story.

ErikaStarr said...

Somehow that's not hard to believe Fury. LOL