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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Silly Jumpoff, Tricks Are For Kids

(Sing like a blues song)
I met this man. Da dun da dun.
Call him Mellow. Da dun da dun.
Gave me the dick once, then i wanted it mo and mo..
I got the blues..
The my-hoe-done-got-outta-line blues..
I said the dick is almigh-tay,
and I don't know what to do
Oh, Yeahhh!!

If you've read my previous posts, "Salad for Starters" or "Man vs. Beast," you will be familiar with one of my more favored jumpoffs, Mr. Mellow. Now Mr. Mellow and I met and had a whirlwind fuck fest all through February. I knew he had other chicks on his roster, and he knew he wasn't about to be my boyfriend or any crap like that. We had discussed the ground rules in the cameras, condoms always and truthfulness.

Mello is starting to act funky, ya'll! My problem is, once a man shows me the Bitch inside, i tend to not want to fuck him anymore. Afterall, I don't mess with bitches, lol, not yet at least. So, we spent pretty much all of the shortest month fucking and sucking our brains out...and then March came. This fool got missing like he had warrants out on his ass! Shit, he would call for a brief check-in, tell me he missed me and couldn't wait to fuck me again, then, we wouldn't talk again for a few days. Then we'd have phone sex every now and then... if I needed it before work, or he needed it post-club. But phone sex, while great, doesn't cut it for the kid all the time. I needed some dick.

I really could care less about the lack of conversation, but I needed a little more consistency on the Lay It Down tip. So, I called him one night, told him I wanted to see him. he told me he'd drive down that weekend. Though he hd been under the weather, he couldn't wait to blow my back out. Aight. This was Wednesday.

Friday. Mellow texts me in the morning, he's still sick, doesn't think he'll make it down. I text back: Cool. He calls later, on an errand to get medicine (though I hear the cashier ask him for ID for the liquor) Though, lol, liquor can be medicine for some people, Mellow's story was starting to sound suspect. We talk while he's on the way home and as he reaches the house he says, "Ok. Let me get in this house and lay down." Normally, I wouldn't have thought twice, but he was seeming real suspect. Communicating via text all day, calling when he was out on an errand, buying liquor and then, hauling ass off the phone when he gets back home. I really wouldn't have been annoyed save the fact that I was looking forward to getting fucked all week long! Hmph. So I said, "OK. You want me to give you a call later, or do you have company?" He said, kind of surprised that I called him out, "Yeah, she got here an hour ago. Sorry, I was going to tell you, but she's helping me out with a financial situation." LMAO. Is this fool serious. LOL, did he really just tell me he abandoned my pussy to fuck for his rent money? Get the fugg out....

So, needless to say, I was kind of annoyed. And I didn't fuck him when he drove down the next day and tried to make nice. As much as I wanted to fuck him, I didn't. Now it was time to assert myself in this fuck relationship, introduce him to the Vixxxen. As much as I loved the way he slapped me and choked the shit out of me, I was going to turn the tables. The next time we fuck, and there will be a next time, Mr. Mellow won't know what hit him! I'd taken the submissive role originally, but because as I said, he revealed the bitch in him, that's my cue to reveal the Bitch in me! I haven't had to bring out the whip and ties in a while...but I will, I learned a while ago from a bitchofaman I used to fuck, that it's nothing for me to spit in a man's face before I sit on it and smother him until I try to damn near drown that muthafucker with my cum...Stay tuned, Mellow's gonna get fucked soon....

Sheba, let's get crackin on that corset shopping, girl!

Anyone every had to turn the tables to teach a lover a lesson?


Haute Chocolat said...

OMG Im crackin up!! Damn girl...don't hurt him too bad...but if you do, let us know how it goes :-)

Sheba said...

Tricks are for kids indeed. Such a pity, he was showing so much promise! Tisk Tisk. I had high hopes for him remaining one of the prize stallions in your stable. You had me LMFAO in bed this morning. Let's make that corset run this weekend. I ordered Mr. Hitachi last night and I should have a new outfit to wear when I break him in. Ha!

Choc'laDee said...

LMAO You better than me--I couldn't even think to fuck Mr. Mellow now--he gets boos acting like he's a hoe on Hooker's Pointe trying to get his rent money.

ErikaStarr said...

Nice pic! I don't know if I'd deal with Mellow - too much drama involved. Besides there are so many dicks in the sea. Either way - if you get him, get him good. He deserves to punish for his trifling games.

The Fury said...

As a man, I'd like to add my two-cents. Watch yourself, he may just turn those tables in the bedroom...if you like getting punished, it's good...or he could really punish the shit out of you.

Pink Vixxxen said...

Fury.. you must read the follow-up post. He indeed turned the tables on my ass!