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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The 5% Rule

I've been traveling for the last few days; racing in and out of airports, running for trains, hailing cabs. Traveling is a great opportunity to people watch and on the last legs of my trip this morning, sitting at the US Airways gate in Charlotte's airport, I reached a striking conclusion. Seinfield is right - only 5% of the population is dateable!

We all watched the episode laughing to the point of tears at his ingenuity, filing away key phrases to use later. As amused as I was I've always considered his declaration a bit exaggerated. Surely more than five out of every one hundred people I meet deserves the honor of my company for an extended duration?

I realize though that Seinfeld isn't discussing relative attractiveness. Attraction is a highly individualized connection. It's attraction, sexiness and appeal that fosters steamy one night stands, stranger fondling and not so discrete peep shows for your across the way neighbor. What Jerry meant by 'dateable' is the special chemistry that takes two people beyond a mere fuck. Fucking is easy; waking up next someone several times a week for months or even years not so much!

How does your fuckfriend to girl/boyfriend rooster compare?

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1 comment:

Mistress Bliss said...

Umm he is so right. There is a big difference between fuckable and dateable. I Think the percentage may be less when you separate the two categories.. oh how sad for the single.