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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Does Anyone have Stella’s Number?

So I think I’m loosing my sexual drive. Do they make Viagra for women? Even prior to my relationship ending I noticed a drastic change in my drive and I’m not sure what caused the turn. It wasn’t too big of a concern since I had some other things occupying my mind but I tired to masturbate today for the first time in ages and I couldn’t find a rhythm.

Not one to give up too easy I figured I went about it all the wrong way. When you haven’t done something in awhile you should ease back in slowly, set the stage so I did just that. I had the house to myself so I took a nice bath, turned off all the lights lit some incense and candles and retired to my love den. I brought out all of my best beauty products and really prepped myself as if I was about to entertain some new pussy.

My skin was feeling super soft and I smelled sweeter than a box of chocolates. I got my mirror and tools and trimmed my kitty real pretty. I spent some time in front of the full-length mirror just looking and touching my body; I was pleased and really feeling myself. I figured I should put some porn on to get into the mood and I found some of the slutty clips on the web. I got real deep into my kink and watched for an hour before my pussy produced even a drop of juice. At this point I was worried but horny enough to let my fingers skim my unhardened nipples, NO reaction. I’ve been told I can over think sex so I tried clearing my mind and enjoying the pure nastiness on the screen, my body was unfazed. After 30 minutes of straight assaulting my clit I gave up.

I’m not sure of what the disconnect may be but I’m currently not interested in finding out. I’m declaring myself asexual until further notice.

Ever lost your groove? How did you get it back?

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MzTrySexual said...

Yeah, actually I have! Reality is sometimes your mind and body just arent't in the same place! When you want it/ need it you'll know-your body will guide you! I suggest when that time presents itself try and have some wine/vodka on hand(or whatever your poison)and trust me you'll wake that sleeping dragon! Until then let it build, because when that time comes it's gonna be a nice release! Just let it rock!;)