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Friday, May 29, 2009

Older Gentleman

What is it about an older man that can make me melt?

It must be their swagger, their confidence, the take-charge attitude, that they tend to play less games the younger men and other attributes that mark their maturity. I'm a woman in my twenties and I got wet a few weeks ago over a gentleman who really could be my grandpa. On a recent visit to her house my girlfriend introduced me to a sexy-ass man who was there and told me he was her grandfather. *SHOCK* She mentioned that he was 66 yrs old but my guess would have been that he was 1) her father and 2) was in his mid-40s. All in all, he looked like he could still put in on me. He was 6'4, dark skinned, bald head, muscular, clean shaven and had not a gray hair in sight. After meeting gramps, the remainder of my visit to her home was spent fantasizing about the things he could do to me. Having been on this earth for a VERY long time and as hot as he was, I was sure he was a PRO at using various body parts including his tongue. I was getting moist picturing that tongue sliding in and out of my pussy, his experienced hands parting my wet and dripping lips….

There are a few famous older men that could definitely get it from me including:

  • Denzel
  • LL Cool J
  • Blair Underwood
  • Ice T

Any interest in older men? Which older men can get it from you?

1 comment:

Mistress Bliss said...

WOW He does mean nasty in a good way and I can see him doing a thing or two. Bruce Willis is my old name fantasy. He seem very take charge and one for good dirty talk