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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ISO: A Friendly Fuck

I've been pondering recently whether what I really need is a fuck buddy. Don't get me wrong, I like my girlfriend. I think she's hot. My partner thinks she hot. I love fucking her. It's been fun, entertaining and satisfying for sure. But lately I'm kinda feeling like I'm missing something. Excitement? Heat? Spontaneity? Distance?

Is it possible that I don't want someone who tells me about their problems? Maybe I'd like to avoid tidbits like how her day has been, who pissed her off at work, whether her car is in the shop? Perhaps I'm not interested in going out on "dates" and spooning? Maybe I just want to fuck a bitch and go home? without the details? without finesse? without even hello?

Yearning to run my hands under the smooth curve of lusty piece of fresh ass does all that information matter? When my lips lock around the tight peak of her nipples, sucking and laving deeply until the dark brown is hidden from view do I need to look at her face? When the tip of my tongue circles the outer edge of her clit, pink to pink, must we get acquainted? When my forefinger wet with my juice and her juice presses against the stubbly plumpness of her g-spot is it essential that I know her name? When her back arches as she cums and the milk wet drips down my fingers, should I be concerned about when we'll next meet?

Maybe I'm just a greedy, horny bitch. But maybe it's time for something different. I'm in search of a friendly fuck.

Have you ever chosen random acts of fucking over constancy?

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Mistress Bliss said...

Well its proven that a deeper connection makes for better sex but I agree sometimes i want to fuck and go.. boys (gay boys) do it all the time. If the sex is good you could be considered a greedy whore; shes giving a sweet hot cunt and you can't deal with 20 minutes of small talk in advance?! Adversely if you wanna just fuck, fuck and let it be known from the jump. You will be surprised at those who would love the arrangement.