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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dumb Arguments You Have In A Relationship

I’m a troublemaker who loves drama. I never knew I was an attention seeking whore until I got my first taste of blood during a tiff with my boo. There’s nothing like a spat between lovers to get the sexual juices following. Some people even break up to make up and ohhh do I love make up sex! After some messy lesbian bullshit drama in the club I got to thinking on my dumbest relationship arguments. Here’s my top 3 argument starters:

1. Not responding to calls, texts, IMs and emails in a timely fashion. – As much as we depend on technology it’s not always reliable. Sometimes I truly didn’t get your message. Sometimes I simply didn’t feel like talking to your bug-a-boo behind. If you don’t trust me enough to not be available at your every whim then maybe you need to find a new boo, before I never reach out and touch you. And if you have to start a fight with me over a text message or a comment on my Myspace/Facebook/Twitter then something is seriously wrong with your mental stability. I read it, and maybe it didn’t demand a reply.

2. Straight Dumb Shit – It's funny how the qualities that were endearing at the start of the relationship now become the things that cause the most friction. Her giggles, her walk, her brand of soap; when I’m pissed those things become annoying. Lets not forget toilet paper, too much hot sauce on my curly fries, or I bought 2% milk rather than whole milk. Really? Although these things can be easily overlooked its more fun to start some shit.

3. Being cool, calm and collected - I’ve never been a back and forth bickering kind of fighter. I usually state my piece and zone out whomever during the rest. This ability has become my most effective weapon of mass destruction. Typically this just leads to another argument. I don’t understand why are you mad at me for not getting mad, angry or happy for that matter? Maybe it didn’t move me or maybe I actually agree with your point without having to go through a whole explanation of why I do. And yeah, sometimes I just want to piss you off.

We all have our tools for getting the battle started. What are your rules of engagement?

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