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Friday, May 15, 2009

Head of the Class

I could not wait for the day to be over. It had to be the longest day of the entire year with no end to it in sight. I must have looked at the big plastic clock on the wall every hour on the hour and at one point I swear it was counting backwards. My students had worked every single one of my nerves and I couldn’t wait for the sound of that last bell and the hustle and bustle of children scrambling down the hallway to get home. Even though I was done with teaching for the day I still had one daunting task to complete—a parent-teacher conference with the mother of the worst student in my class, Kayla Grey. I had been trying to get through to that little girl for a solid two months since school began but nothing seemed to be working. Kayla spent more time in the Principal’s office than she did in my class and I needed to intervene before she got fed up with school all together and decided to drop out. 6th grade is such a transitional point, especially for little girls.

The bell rang and my students started to dart from their seats and head for the door. They were anxious to enjoy the first 90 degree day of the spring and probably wanted to head to their homes and put on even less clothes than some of them were already wearing. I gave them the look to signal they better not try me so they all slightly settled back into their seats until I said it was okay to get up. I had been trying to stress the importance of order in the classroom but dammit I wanted to run for that door myself. It was just that type of day.

I was not looking forward to the conference at all. First of all it had taken weeks for Kayla’s mother to decide when she would finally have time to actually come in and meet with me face to face. There was every excuse in the book and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why EVERYTHING else was more important than her child’s education. She called me that very morning bitching about why we couldn’t just talk over the phone. I politely explained to her that I thought it would be best for us to go over some of Kayla’s work in person including her test results and it would be easier for me to explain what all the numbers meant if we were looking at the together. She sucked her teeth and hung the phone up in my ear. Bitch. I wasn’t ready for all that.

My classroom was sweltering. I always wore a suit when teaching my students as I wanted them to know I took the business of their education very seriously. As soon as the kids were gone I took off my jacket as I could feel the crease underneath my breasts perspiring and wanted to cool off a bit before my meeting with Mommy Dearest. I looked at the clock…still 30 more minutes until she was scheduled to arrive. Just as I was taking my purse from my drawer and getting ready to get some change for a soda, my classroom door burst open and she barged in.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but she certainly was not it. I guess simply put I was expecting her outward appearance to be just as ugly as her attitude on the phone with me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was taken aback by her beauty. She was at least 5’10”, somewhere in between deep caramel and light mocha complexioned with long honey blonde dreads. She wore a black mini skirt suit combination with a red lace camisole underneath. I got lost in her DD cleavage for about two seconds before I could manage a hello. She cut me off anyway. “I’m Kayla’s mother, I’m really in a rush can we get this over with quickly?” My response was stalled. Even though she wasn’t smiling--and I wasn’t sure if she ever did--she had the kind of teeth that ensured me her smile could make me melt. “Yes, umm yes, that’s fine, Ms. Grey, do you mind closing the classroom door so we can talk for a bit?” She turned around to go toward the door and I got weak in my knees. Suddenly I couldn’t even remember what I wanted to talk to her about. I looked at her from her feet up. The red bottoms of her shoes let me know she was a woman after my own heart. Her legs looked like she jogged and worked out daily. Her ass was a plump, round, perfect peach. The suit hugged every curve of her hour-glass shape and as she sashayed to the door I had to sit down behind my desk and cross my legs firmly to get my clit to stop throbbing. I had completely lost focus and was trying with every bit of me to get it back. I knew I needed to put my jacket back on not only to keep the sweat marks from peeking through my cami but also because my nipples were hard like a cold wind had just passed through the room. I knew that wasn’t the case, I was still hot as hell and suddenly it was for more than one reason. She sat on one side of my desk for about 15 minutes. We went over Kayla’s work, talked about test scores and Kayla’s overall demeanor and tried to come up with a plan of action for the remainder of the semester. I watched her sexy lips move as she explained to me that she was a single mother trying to successfully run a clothing boutique to make ends meet for her and her daughter. She’d moved here from LA when she got divorced and was trying to make a name for herself in a new place. Kayla wasn’t adjusting well and she admitted she hadn’t taken the time she should have to make sure her daughter was okay. She also apologized for her harshness and for seeming uninterested in her daughter’s progress, but noted she was just overwhelmed.

As the minutes passed, she let her guard down little by little. She was still in control and never showed me any physical sign of weakness. I could tell she was just getting comfortable with me. From the beginning, I needed her to know she didn’t intimidate me. At most, I just didn’t feel like being bothered but I could throw it back just as fast as she could throw it at me if I needed to. I was glad I didn’t have to. Every few minutes I looked up from the pile of Kayla’s paperwork on my desk and caught her staring at me. I couldn’t tell if it was desire or her way of trying to figure me out but her eyes were piercing and every time they met mine my nipples started to tingle. I wanted so badly to stand up and bend her over my desk and lick her pussy asshole from the back. I imagined making her hike up her miniskirt and pull the red camisole down under her huge breasts. Knocking off every item, I’d motion her to sit on my desk and face me so I could bury my tongue between the lips of her dripping wet pussy. As she spoke about Kayla’s dead beat father my thoughts wandered to what her nipples would taste like in my mouth, what one of her legs would feel like wrapped around my back, what my fingers would feel like deep inside her, smothered between the walls of her wet pussy. She stood and reached for her bag while letting me know she had fifteen minutes before she needed to make her next appointment. I was so lost in my day dream she had to call me twice to get a response. I was with her, but we were certainly in different places at that moment. As she grabbed an index card from my desk to write down her business cell while letting me know it was best I try to reach her there, her perfectly manicured nails brushed my forearm and every single tiny hair stood up on end. I could tell she felt the current of energy too because she stopped talking for a second and didn’t move. All of a sudden she wrote her name down quickly, grabbed the limited edition Coach bag that had fallen on the floor and asked that I please give her a call later that evening. I looked her directly in her eyes and said “Will do.” As she began to rush out the door, I couldn’t help myself. “Ms. Grey, wait one second I think you forgot something.” She turned to come back into the classroom and as soon as she stepped inside I closed the door behind her, grabbed her arm and went in to kiss her. Instantly, I was jarred awake and realized my power nap had turned into much more than I’d bargained for. Damn.

Have you ever awoken from a dream and been really upset you'd only made it to the middle?

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The Fury said...

hell yeah! That's exactly how those teasing day dreams happen. hot ass post.